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[09.16.2025 & 4:00 pm]

moved to nylons...

please contact me there.
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friends only. [05.11.2005 & 4:30 pm]


Conditions: 1] Be my friend! LOL. Anyone can be my friend. Just don't be some psycho cyberstalker. Spare me. 2] Don't type in "unreadable teeny-bopperish" LYkE dIZ. It is like poison for the eyes. 3] Don't expect me to comment to your every post that you put out at you LJ. I have a life also. 4] I can be bitchy, so don't hate on my entry. If you're a hater, don't comment to be added. 5] If you want to hotlink my pictures or drive me insane, don't comment to be added either. 6] Last, but not least. Always add me first!

Thank you ! [=

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